Belle Bees

#attentiondavao #DavaoCity  your #allnatural #bellesbeesdavao #usahandmade Suarez Mich-ann and Shiane Belle Suarez @belle bees/ products Phone number 09263895221 Find us on Facebook here. ‼️Belle Bees all natural lip balm moisturizer‼️Now with color for any occasion‼️For dry and chapped lipsBee healthy🐝🐝Bee always moisturize 🐝🐝Bee glamorous 🐝🐝Bee attractive 🐝🐝Bee pretty 🐝🐝📣For any skin type📣For kids too

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Why Kempner Farms local raw honey?

At Kempner Farm we pride our honey to be a flavorful floral honey from Central Texas. Our hives are scattered between the West Texas to native bunch grasses and forbs with scattered post oaks and some plateau live oak, black hickory, and blackjack oak to the east and down south to caldwell Texas and off to the Texas Hill…

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Kempner farms favorite Beeswax recipes

All natural body products

So you may have wondered what is that chunk of beeswax used for when visiting one of our stores or our family farm. Today we will discuss some of our favorite recipes and go over some basic lingo before we begin. As we go through our recipes you will see we use the word Carrier…

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