Help! My honey comb in the jar is crystallized!

Honey Comb Honey

So I bought my first jar of honey comb honey. So often times we see honey in the grocery stores and it is almost always liquid. This is impartially due to the central air and heat in the establishments. All honey will crystallize over time and when honey crystallizes it turns into a hard sugar like substance that will dissolve almost instantly in hot water. There are many ways to naturally crystallize honey without killing the beneficial enzymes that are in the raw honey our family farm sells. The best way in our opinion to decrystallize honey is to turn your kitchen oven on to 300 degrees and let the oven beep! saying it is ready to be used at 300 degrees. First, remember to turn the oven off. Secondly only if you are decrystallizing your honey comb honey then you have to lay the jar sideways. If you do not lay the glass container sideways then as the honey comb honey decrystallize then the metal lid will melt your piece of honey comb honey in the jar and your novelty item will be destroyed. Perhaps you have maybe just purchased a container of honey and you find the container has turned to sugar and your container is plastic. You will want to take special care for you are unable to place plastic in the oven and you are unable to place plastic in the microwave. You will want to take and create what is best known as a warm water bath. Since the container is plastic it will be best for you to let it sit on top of the water and let the water simmer. If you cook the honey too hot then you will destroy the healthy enzymes that help alleviate the allergies.